Chemical & Engineering News
LEDs Not So Green After All
Environmental Setback: Energy-efficient light-emitting diodes exceed California standards for hazardous waste

Chemical & Engineering News
Nanoparticles Accumulate In The Food Chain
Nanomaterials: Gold nanoparticles become more concentrated as they move from plants to herbivores

Chemical & Engineering News
The Untapped Energy in Wastewater
Alternative Energy: New measurements show that wastewater contains more energy than previously thought

Oakland Local
Oakland activist Connie Galambos Malloy to help redraw election districts
Ever wondered why Oakland shares a state senator with Livermore, but not with San Leandro? Maybe not, but that’s the kind of detail Oakland resident Connie Galambos Malloy will have to ponder now that she’s been appointed to California’s first-ever Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Chemical & Engineering News
Mining Industrial Waste For Medicine
Green Chemistry: A process developed in China turns dye and detergent byproducts into a tuberculosis drug


Oakland Local
Saturday’s Bicycle Art Salon looks to liven Richmond’s Greenway
Into biking? Head over to the Bike Salon in Richmond this weekend

(Source: Flickr / wheatland)

Oakland Local:
Sustainable Economies Law Center Launches
Janelle Orsi and Jenny Kassan are lawyers looking to help you share.